The Mighty Oak Lodge

The Mighty Oak Lodge Wedding Barn is located at 1720 Lynn Street in Lebanon, Missouri. We are nestled on 40+ acres of gentle rolling hills surrounded by large oak trees and a beautiful spring-fed lake.

The venue has a 7,000 square ft. main barn that offers the following:

  • Main hall for wedding ceremonies, receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, etc. of about 5,000 square feet; seating up to 300 at tables and chairs
  • Bride & Groom dressing rooms; 300 square feet each with private bathrooms
  • Kitchen work area of about 700 square feet
  • Public restrooms with four stalls each
  • Over 3,000 square feet of outdoor patio space

The Mighty Oak Lodge Wedding Barn also offers other beautiful locations to hold events including:

  • A 1,300 square feet pavilion near the seven acre spring-fed lake
  • "The Mighty Oak" tree, overlooking the spring-fed lake

Meet Our Team

Mighty Oak Lodge Tree Overlooking Spring-fed Lake